stop. waiting.

by Donwill

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what are you afraid of?
you’ve already survived the worst that life has thrown at you
and even if that’s not the worst why would you sit and wait for it?
stop. waiting.

this ep is what winning a staring contest with anxiety, depression and fear sounds like. i doubt myself a lot, mainly because i can’t believe i’m all that i need. to all involved than you for helping me see that again. i’ll try not to forget it.


released September 26, 2016

written by me and a few of my friends
produced, recorded and mixed by donwill
additional mixing and sound direction by still weavens
mastered by brick beats
artwork by SOAP Goods Creative




Donwill New York

Donwill is a Brooklyn based rapper, producer, DJ and 1/2 of Tanya Morgan.

Twitter: @donwill

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Track Name: got feat che grand
funky funky funky hit records
want the first joint don’t want the second
they don’t want you having it anyway
they meaning we, dondub and che

get to it get it over with don’t get got
give it up turn it loose just don’t get got
don’t stop get it get it get it get got

hard to get
down for the upstroke funk in my genetics
done got me a bit of coins should be more cryptic
spoken like a true one that never got gotted
sent by the government
but is it really tricking if you got it?
shit, just don’t be hot with it
fire crystal
and give it up when the NRA drop the pistol
ZFTP got a missile program
hits that’ll never miss no man
general grand advances his hand and gets it all or
be on the same bullshit they on
balaclava bandana wrapped around the handle of a nose long
über driver put some uncle murder on

out the starting block gimme what you got
penny in the pot bitter nigga nah little still a lot
every bit counts bitcoin paypal
venom this go all the way out
to my 9 to 5 strivers, 8/25ers
niggas who ain’t had a break and aint broke either
overtime, every time, what a time to be alive in
penny pinch but ain’t selfish with my two cents
and y’all knew (so) since y’all became a nuisance
my advice is at a price, opinions included
hard to ask for help man it feel like begging
so I’d rather help myself to what’s yours and take seconds
first take gotta stay cus i can barely make records
making money take effort, it aint no free breakfast
to busy to get busy believe me I aint bitchin
but leave me alone if it aint a money mission.
Track Name: bully joel
do you think i? Do you think i do?

social anxiety…
that’s just the way they wired me
so paranoid, i stare in voids
and watch for crowds i can avoid
i’m at a point of no return
to old to just be going home
a bitter broken man
would they really understand?

damn don you ain’t waste no time
losing yo mind
but do you know why?

27 club,
I’m elated i aint make it
my own life wanted to take it
told my self i really ain’t shit
cus that age is where my brain broke
toke but I don’t blame smoke
nothing’s been the same
since that day when i came home
Track Name: baby i'm scared feat von pea
self destructive
a volcano set to explode like hell erupted
it’s all fatal, a tornado, anger vortex
resolve day old transgressions but can’t forfeit
get some you don’t want it
talking turn to shouting and the whole thing is toxic
art was therapy i guess i forgot it
cus making words rhyme wasn’t making me a profit
first world problems, third world hunger
bills kept piling, I’m not getting over
I’m just getting older, callous and colder
coat won’t fit over chip on shoulder
i know I’m fucked up
unsuitable, slightly touched
if it’s a roast then imma light myself up

what the fuck is brunch?
to a nigga that ain’t been out of bed in months
maybe one day but it felt like eons
not just a game, above the rim leon
beyond the pitying, heart obsidian
brother been alone and he might need visiting
graveyard twittering they might need limiting
its a cold world though and i aint bring timberlands
told from experience, currently the shit I’m in
if i rip the button up, you would see the emblem
made a little dividends, that aint why i grin again
i been rememberin, we about to win again
words become things, watch where ya pen has been
i could do quintessence, i could do ignorance
i could play innocent or shit could get menacing
so i’ll end it then

live at the bbq,
no way out of doubt cus the demons they’ll follow you
it all play out, front seat drama pay per view
wall yourself up then watch the world wall paper you
covered in panic someone else manufactured
stuffed and crammed in overhead you can’t stand it
carry they baggage, when TSA examine
you take the weight, operate fear or famine
you won’t feast or feel fulfilled
fundamentals funded from phrases so fuck frills
free fades on sight for life
you washed up nigga, put him in rice
y’all got me fucked up
buck up buttercup but knuck if you buck
what a month what a year what i’m really tryna say is
watch how much weight this bullshit gets
Track Name: chime in
i work a lot but it’s not enough
probably never will be, suck it up tough luck
hard on myself because somebody gotta be
diamond in the rough won’t form from coddling
the landlord hates you and your lord laughs at you
this pity party popping they got hors d’oeuvres too?

what if you realized that you were the problem
the weakest link connecting every bad thing all of em
hit dog hollering i lost my voice
painted into a corner, i lost my choice
it’s no accident midwest accent
the mid still selling since last i checked it
the ballad of a menace who can’t see a dentist
oy vey ???? whatever that shit is
not interested in hanging out
unless in some kinda way it generates amounts
is we eatin? scrape the dinner plate I’m out
tryna avoid beef i guess i’ll have the trout
can you really bite bitten flows?
instagram model rappers should just sit and pose
picture perfect flows, every bar i compose
is the portrait of the artist in landscape mode
that’s the bigger picture get a glimpse
cult following, revival shit i should just get a tent
you niggas a get hint
the best to do it since
the simps spent cents to their clips could get sent
to sites that barely write, just invite bait and click
flip the switch it’s illuminating
i’ll be right back for the few who are waiting

shots fired, man down
tip top, champ sound
lip lock, clamp down
get the jock out cha mouth
aint ralph, sway how?
him God say it now
don dub diggy def
yep yup no doubt
pick a side not a sideline
waste yours this is my time
friends wind chimes inspired them rhymes
with laura and her wife chilling during down time
Track Name: move feat rob cave
fuck just sitting around waiting for something to happen
take action
make a move or get nothing

niggas just sitting around ‘chillaxin’
don’t know what’s wacker, the word or lack of action
a happy accident might have a chance of happenin
its better when it’s well thought out and forecasted
where we at tho? let’s roll, no time for actin
but play my part from the days of way back when
i used to backspin, ilyas was rapping
nca&t let’s get it cracking
t-zone putting in work up on the Tascam
sp-202 the beat blasting
d-nell got me my first rap cash and
knew i had to go full steam no looking back since
straight and narrow aint what the path is
word to phife dawg need some new new balances
new school challenges prove who’s talented
owner and inventor ain’t a question who style it is

make a move before you get the moves made on you
how you calling dibs you aint even paid no dues
you want the gold medal you aint even lace yo shoes
you want the greener grass yo aint even seen those blues
that aint how it go, shit don’t grow in the shade
but that’s all you throw, don’t you wanna shine someday
patience is a virtue but is you practicin or pretending
cus waiting without working is just wishing
you’se a hybrid I’m a rocket we got different engines
you wanna be discovered, nigga remember the indians?
talking making millions but you can’t make a decision
make a vision make it ya mission and make it ya religion
persistence, push past resistance, bounce back when you fall
handouts get you a handful, fuck that i want it all

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