move feat rob cave

from by Donwill



rob may have delivered one of my favorite verse of all time here. so many quotes, so many mantras. pick one and live by it and if it gets worn out rewind and pick another.


fuck just sitting around waiting for something to happen
take action
make a move or get nothing

niggas just sitting around ‘chillaxin’
don’t know what’s wacker, the word or lack of action
a happy accident might have a chance of happenin
its better when it’s well thought out and forecasted
where we at tho? let’s roll, no time for actin
but play my part from the days of way back when
i used to backspin, ilyas was rapping
nca&t let’s get it cracking
t-zone putting in work up on the Tascam
sp-202 the beat blasting
d-nell got me my first rap cash and
knew i had to go full steam no looking back since
straight and narrow aint what the path is
word to phife dawg need some new new balances
new school challenges prove who’s talented
owner and inventor ain’t a question who style it is

make a move before you get the moves made on you
how you calling dibs you aint even paid no dues
you want the gold medal you aint even lace yo shoes
you want the greener grass yo aint even seen those blues
that aint how it go, shit don’t grow in the shade
but that’s all you throw, don’t you wanna shine someday
patience is a virtue but is you practicin or pretending
cus waiting without working is just wishing
you’se a hybrid I’m a rocket we got different engines
you wanna be discovered, nigga remember the indians?
talking making millions but you can’t make a decision
make a vision make it ya mission and make it ya religion
persistence, push past resistance, bounce back when you fall
handouts get you a handful, fuck that i want it all


from stop. waiting., released September 26, 2016
written by donwill & rob cave
produced, recorded and mixed by donwill
additional mixing and sound direction by still weavens
mastered by brick beats




Donwill New York

Donwill is a Brooklyn based rapper, producer, DJ and 1/2 of Tanya Morgan.

Twitter: @donwill

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