got feat che grand

from by Donwill



this is the first song that i made for this project and it never lost it's footing as the first song on the EP. Che is featured on this song because he's one of the primary reasons that this project even exists.


funky funky funky hit records
want the first joint don’t want the second
they don’t want you having it anyway
they meaning we, dondub and che

get to it get it over with don’t get got
give it up turn it loose just don’t get got
don’t stop get it get it get it get got

hard to get
down for the upstroke funk in my genetics
done got me a bit of coins should be more cryptic
spoken like a true one that never got gotted
sent by the government
but is it really tricking if you got it?
shit, just don’t be hot with it
fire crystal
and give it up when the NRA drop the pistol
ZFTP got a missile program
hits that’ll never miss no man
general grand advances his hand and gets it all or
be on the same bullshit they on
balaclava bandana wrapped around the handle of a nose long
über driver put some uncle murder on

out the starting block gimme what you got
penny in the pot bitter nigga nah little still a lot
every bit counts bitcoin paypal
venom this go all the way out
to my 9 to 5 strivers, 8/25ers
niggas who ain’t had a break and aint broke either
overtime, every time, what a time to be alive in
penny pinch but ain’t selfish with my two cents
and y’all knew (so) since y’all became a nuisance
my advice is at a price, opinions included
hard to ask for help man it feel like begging
so I’d rather help myself to what’s yours and take seconds
first take gotta stay cus i can barely make records
making money take effort, it aint no free breakfast
to busy to get busy believe me I aint bitchin
but leave me alone if it aint a money mission.


from stop. waiting., released September 26, 2016
written by donwill & che grand
produced, recorded and mixed by donwill
additional mixing and sound direction by still weavens
mastered by brick beats




Donwill New York

Donwill is a Brooklyn based rapper, producer, DJ and 1/2 of Tanya Morgan.

Twitter: @donwill

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