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while on tour i stayed with my dear friends jasika and claire (you know one of them as laura from laura's song) and they had a wonderful porch with a beautiful wind chime. i recorded the wind chime on my phone and turned it into a song. this song also features my daughter playing harmonica and taunting me.


i work a lot but it’s not enough
probably never will be, suck it up tough luck
hard on myself because somebody gotta be
diamond in the rough won’t form from coddling
the landlord hates you and your lord laughs at you
this pity party popping they got hors d’oeuvres too?

what if you realized that you were the problem
the weakest link connecting every bad thing all of em
hit dog hollering i lost my voice
painted into a corner, i lost my choice
it’s no accident midwest accent
the mid still selling since last i checked it
the ballad of a menace who can’t see a dentist
oy vey ???? whatever that shit is
not interested in hanging out
unless in some kinda way it generates amounts
is we eatin? scrape the dinner plate I’m out
tryna avoid beef i guess i’ll have the trout
can you really bite bitten flows?
instagram model rappers should just sit and pose
picture perfect flows, every bar i compose
is the portrait of the artist in landscape mode
that’s the bigger picture get a glimpse
cult following, revival shit i should just get a tent
you niggas a get hint
the best to do it since
the simps spent cents to their clips could get sent
to sites that barely write, just invite bait and click
flip the switch it’s illuminating
i’ll be right back for the few who are waiting

shots fired, man down
tip top, champ sound
lip lock, clamp down
get the jock out cha mouth
aint ralph, sway how?
him God say it now
don dub diggy def
yep yup no doubt
pick a side not a sideline
waste yours this is my time
friends wind chimes inspired them rhymes
with laura and her wife chilling during down time


from stop. waiting., released September 26, 2016
written by donwill, the wind and avree
produced, recorded and mixed by donwill
additional mixing and sound direction by still weavens
mastered by brick beats




Donwill New York

Donwill is a Brooklyn based rapper, producer, DJ and 1/2 of Tanya Morgan.

Twitter: @donwill

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