bully joel

from by Donwill



i suffer from high functioning depression and anxiety and while talking about it can be awkward, rapping about it isn't. music is my safe space, i treat it like my diary and the catch is that you're allowed to be nosey.


do you think i? Do you think i do?

social anxiety…
that’s just the way they wired me
so paranoid, i stare in voids
and watch for crowds i can avoid
i’m at a point of no return
to old to just be going home
a bitter broken man
would they really understand?

damn don you ain’t waste no time
losing yo mind
but do you know why?

27 club,
I’m elated i aint make it
my own life wanted to take it
told my self i really ain’t shit
cus that age is where my brain broke
toke but I don’t blame smoke
nothing’s been the same
since that day when i came home


from stop. waiting., released September 26, 2016
written by donwill
produced, recorded and mixed by donwill
additional mixing and sound direction by still weavens
mastered by brick beats




Donwill New York

Donwill is a Brooklyn based rapper, producer, DJ and 1/2 of Tanya Morgan.

Twitter: @donwill
IG: @donwill.me

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