Suburban Sprawl [+ video for Night Time]

by Donwill



this project was began in early 2006 i believe. suburb would send these 15 minute long mp3 beat tapes to us and they would flow like an album. i remember the one that originally sparked the idea was the Brazil Beat tape (sounds like a porno now that i think about it) and when i had heard it i liked so much of it that i jokingly suggested to him that i would just write verses, two track it and release that. a few emails, aim conversations, phone calls and years later and we are both proud to present to you suburban sprawl.

several people have heard the demo's of the songs on this album. some are featured on beat thieves vol 2, some are featured on mixing in action and some were passed on by me to my several sets of second ears either out of boredom, frustration or i just wanted a critique on what they sounded like. the thing to understand about the demo's of these songs is that those were the sketches that i submitted to suhBURB. the versions in the linked .zip file are the fully realized final creations. loud, distorted, tinny, crunchy or strange; call it what you may but the one word that sums the collective body of work up best is intentional.

not enough people challenge themselves while making music, let alone the listener. after all there is no grand prize or award for making it to the end of an album, only an opinion and hopefully a glimpse into the time the artist spent between inception and release. this is our snapshot, hopefully the images are focused enough for you to see what we captured.


released June 4, 2008




all rights reserved
Track Name: sittin at the bar (demo)
VERSE 1: man listen isn't women within criticism/ it'd be different if they didnt try to be so temptin/ cant still let hoes, tempt me with stilletos/ pedicured to the ones with the paint peeled toes/ like i aint get close to taken her outta her clothes/ know she wrong hittin on a man who faithful and yo/ cant keep a man so she out to lease another womans/ claim its for the sex only but distressed she runnin to him/ she dont ask or assume its really somethin she dont wanna know/ that way she dont feel like she bein a hoe/ maybe thats what turns her on tho forbidden fruit/ in the open tellin lies about her hidden truth/ sippin juice and vodka talkin bout nothin in particular/ got it all wrong she aint hardly how i figured her/ this is where i get off peace, see ya later VERSE 2: man listen isnt women within criticism/ its a given if you speakin then you tryna get with em/ not necessarily true, see what society do/ a simple conversation turns to inuendo then *POOF*/ now its like im in the wrong guys and girls cant get along/ cant just be friends, gotta see or show a thong/ gone head girl im grown, beyond being sex prone/ dont mistake idle chatter for you gettin hit on/ they got us all confused when they say that dudes/ know three kinda women, no appendix to the rules/ that every girl we know we either tryin, cant or wont cut/ thats fairly accurate until you fall in love or grow up/ but yall in luck you know what? heres a little secret/ if i say hi to a woman its because i feel like speakin/ just polite was raised right in fact i got a woman/ whats the screwface for all i said was how you doin
Track Name: diwadiwadonald
dedicate til im dead in a crate/ and hauled off yall lost a livin and breathin great/ so lets celebrate like its 1999 again/ pray i write a rhyme my pen collectin dust and gathering/ bear the weight of the world, the fate of me and my girl/ debate the pay or the toil of makin watched pots boil/ just like a shots recoil i aint wastin no energy/ him famous, the infamous don f kennedy/ upon the bullets entry he, fled the life he led/ bled every word he said gushin forth from his head/ hand and heart, scan the charts son you'll find none like him/ crawl before you walk, stumblin to run and bite him/ mc's is teethin on the three ring or composition ruled/ (im) opposite the rule, following the path of them fools/ im self made, self taught, demons self fought/ out to pay myself first so the album self bought/ felt caught between a rock and hard place, rockin at a hard pace/ (like) rock hard in a broads face huggin on the first date/ a wolf in sheeps clothing, vintage jeans need sewing/ flippin nike boxes open, scuffless kicks that aint been broken in/ flyest thing flowin next to delta beverage service/ why you aint go first? yeah dog i know you nervous/ if i was you i would be too, im disgruntled and dont like you/ no tellin what i might do...
Track Name: salsoul
yo... don't expect too much, play lifeless and just/ let em roll over, not sober cus I'm punch drunk/ staggered by blows, flaggin down woes, taggin up toes/ a dead man walkin, you can tell by the pose/ just a deer in the headlights, froze to get his head right/ but reaction time undermines his safety and his insight/ sounds grim right? nope, the outcome is miraculous/ stumbled back home after sustaining some damages/ handle this effortless, kill a beef or let it live/ so you can milk it endlessly and use it as a sedative/ peddle piss as lemonade and only fools will take it/ but for those who taste test less the sip, smile and fake it/ cus ain't nothing sacred, achin joints and head from fightin life/ not rhymin its rock climbin tryna reach that higher height/ firefight the shit you call hot for the sake of something different/ water to a grease fire, decide if help or hindrance
Track Name: fly me ft. von pea
VERSE 1: i gets busy and then keep puttin work in/ you tried to apply but didnt get the position/ ditched the pot to piss in, for one to bed a bitch in/ just understand when this ends we make our own pensions/ its the chairman of the boards ((SUHBURB))/ say word, and the team is lessondary so you know its superb/ yall sprawled out zonin, im appalled yall dont know him/ off the wall nigga go in! "yall some chiropractors holdin/ back catalog" know in fact, data logs showin that/ im involved so it got kinda bogged under stacks/ but its back now/ and as long as im in town with down time im jottin down rhymes/ plottin soundwise on how to stop them frown lines/ i let yall tell lies, you the hottest yeah right/ just get in line behind, we redesign the grind/ see in due time ill be reapin whats mine

CHORUS: yall sprawled out sleepin we so sub urban (repeat x 2)/ yall sprawled out sleepin but he's suburb/ fly me!

VERSE 2: i cant feel ya, and id kill to/ ya such a cool brother to know, but so other than dope/ i tried i really did, mc get busy did/ the same jam it was just as lame damn/ link with me im tryna break the chain fam/ we wont shake the industry up but we can shake hands/ make plans ????? but black dont make up a fan base/ they aint sleepin you need to wake up/ no doze wont help no flows ya posin shows/ ya no pro, but ill get you in the show/ only to come and watch not to come and try to flow/ bring some mixtapes to throw... word/ ill be over here with the talented, maybe try the clarinet/ go and be an engineer or something more challengin than this/ this is easy but you, you make it seem to be/ the hardest thing in the world, i aint tryna be evil b/ im just sayin
Track Name: guilty
dirty with it, hard livin, take whats not given/ god given right to exist could be a curse in this/ skin im in no position shouldnt even be given/ faded as rainbow, rainin where the sun go?/ aint about to show no weakness whats that about?/ (get) outta line and challenge mine im knockin all them teeth out/ heavy metal barely balanced, tuggin on my waistline/ cant settle caged in, cant take more im/ close edge, nose dove, free fallin, hit the ground/ spazzed out, shots fired, woke up in lock down/ never thought id kill until driven to murder/ looked fun on menace, jackin rides just to order burgers/ for them nissan trucks, right in the drive thru/ but thats an interlude on icecube this my life dude/ might do life dude, no death penalty/ sittin in the holdin cell and wait for them to sentence me/ every minute, every second pass like a century/ the shit get real b/ be cause theres no peace as well/ cause my heaven could be yo hell/ now think about that/ i might have love in the streets but none in the house/ cant come in the house momma wanted me out/ and the man of the house didnt make her his spouse/ say im just like that nigga she cant stand my mouth/ and i cant stand lookin like a charity case/ so i take mines make a way whatever it takes/ heavy metal, federal scams, or peddling base/ niggas make deadly mistakes and i take em away/ and this game aint for play but i do it to play/ big boy toys homie whip the escalade/ live savage just to be in the ranks of the civilized/ bad as it sounds im just tryna survive
Track Name: night time
VERSE: i cant front i give up man i swore off rap/ an abusive love affair where she aint give back/ get crack, get stacks, get capped is the formula/ no big named cosigns they all just ignorin ya/ my worst critic biggest fan, moonlighting's classic man/ bled, sweated, cried givin birth to every word (damn)/ my pleasures yo pain, my treasure disdained/ different ears two brains, hope niggas views change/ this game so strange finnicky and fickle/ when you hot frontin dudes beg to do songs with you/ thats cute at worst and irritating at best/ why i dont talk much? im just avoiding the stress/ swerve for you get served from bein on my nerves/ get the fuck out my face if you cant help me get heard/ im purgin all demons so, holler if you see me yo/ thats why i deal with fam and nothing in between it yo!

REFRAIN: we dont need em, we dont need em, we dont need em, and you dont either (repeat x 4)
Track Name: slipknot
mc's yall wanna get on, chill with who you shit on/ the music is a business now the art is almost gone/ and fans yall turn the hits on, crank it up and listen/ the music it defines you, yall relate to the song/ you ever stop and think about the fatal flaw that you makin/ its a demand for that man, fans standin and waitin/ but since you cant stand his jams you determined to make him/ out to be some fallacy, callously you forsake him/ but then he, starts his mission impedes ya residence/ through ya radios and tv's, ladies and gents/ they televise genocide worldwide, my eyes wide shut/ id spy but i keep my mind tied up/ me slip not, but thats beside what i was sayin/ yall wanna go with this then follow me with no delay and see/ in actuality, with a little elbow grease he could be, you or me
Track Name: the words
hard to take it serious when its a parody apparently/ and paper begat paper but between the two its tearin me/ sometimes i sit and stare at me, darin he to speak/ karats glarin so who's carin if im panderin the weak/ and im handling the beef between my inner and my peace/ by havin dinner with a freak because then i aint gotta think/ used to be aint got a thing but now the register is ringin/ pile the presents in the jeep and fly to beaches on the weekend/ that'll teach my inner demon to quit speakin while we eatin/ maybe keep em all from being crippling and so misleading/ cant believe the boat that we in, loved puttin words together/ now i see it like 'whatever' its a million things better/ i wouldnt give up this position but i know the people listening/ agreein with the critics when they say that somethings missin/ i dont feel it no more, its just another job now/ writin hits or grocery lists, its just words to jot down
Track Name: dead ass
VERSE: dead man walkin shoulda been castrated/ got her mad at men regrettin you the nigga that she laid with/ child created, you dont pay it no attention, in yo image molded/ hold it dog you trippin on yo blood, thats some cold shit/ notice how they look at you now when you come around/ throwin scowls and turnin you down, constant run around/ that child aint choose you for his dad and vice versa/ but yo chose yo baby momma punk ass, now think it over/ so that bitch get on yo nerves, naggin, whinin/ cheatin even slashed yo tires/ them yo problems find yo way around em for the greater good/ come correct and handle yo business like a player should/ yo time and money that precious? you cant share it?/ lets just hope that kid dont inherit yo mean ass spirit/ here it is a mirror to yo face, the words to this song/ yall be killin me, get over yo'self, you know you wrong

REFRAIN: and if you bitchin as you listen its cus hit dogs bark/and you aint helpin by not finishin the shit yall start/ it aint no pampers to piss in, while you new car whippin/ dog you trippin, and definitely need an ass kickin/ you a dead beat, dead ass and im dead serious/ missin out on a once in a lifetime experience/ i aint talkin bout the money dog spend some time/ spend some time (repeat x 2)
Track Name: maybe
VERSE: you dont know what its like dude, when friends dont like you/ and you keep smiling anyway continuing the cycle/ hoping one day some way but one means or another/ the niggas that you tightest with will understand each other/ cus yall cats like brothers, done done it all together/ but you stressed cus yo dad's health is bringin fam togther/ and they leave you to see thru feelings you dont wanna have/ dont even holler at you like yo phone went dead/ and all you got is the pen, god and blood aside/ so you write prayers for dads health and take it all in stride/ but you just aint feelin it, close but so far/ can barely pay rent, kick it and keep gas in yo car/ wish you never came back sometimes/ wish you never was born sometimes/ driven by passion so day jobs they just seem tedious/ can barely get past the mediocre cus its eating ya/ long stretches got you layin low, yo people yo aint seein em/ they think they done with em, nothing you can do to please em/ so yo soothe ya'self and do what moves yo own spirit/ jot a verse like this and wonder if you'll let em hear it/ should i?

REFRAIN: maybe, maybe not ( repeat x 8)
Track Name: audio visual
VERSE 1: audio visual for every individual/ precedents we kill em and the president we kill him to/ burnin bush but i aint tryna get political, just say some fly shit to make all the party people move/ rockin gaudy sequined jewels fresh new exclusive shoes/ def like im old school but still on that new improved/ decoy b-boys weak ploys we destroy/ speak for the ones who live it yep we they voice/ trendy ass hipsters on down to the felons/ got a lil bit of everything and thats why we sellin/ sit and scratch what im spellin in my college ruled, college schooled/ held a job or two but raps what i gotta do/ follow who? yeah right fuck a fad/ red carpet is the target, flick it up for the mags/ man we diggin in yo stash on that debo shit/ for them funds an them fans yep we want it

CHORUS thats word, you see what im sayin? on the mic there wont be no delayin ( repeat x 2)

VERSE 2: i thought i told you cats im not a rapper/ but im still better than you fake actors/ if i wrote it or not thats not factor/ im flyer than alot of yall and thats what matters/ on to a new chapter yall lame/ runnin in place stuck in the same mind frame/ im tryna live my life make it on my own/ yall up in the club actin sexy and grown/ we need respect shown, im tryna make a difference/ do some good on earth for the time that i visit/ if its permitted change a life or two/ and still look good in my high heeled shoes/ pretty brown eyes and looks that can kill/ and i stay on ya mind cus my style is ill/ petite five feet and a half inch maybe/ sassy shay's a sexy lady
Track Name: the champ
VERSE 1: and honestly a part of me barely believes in modesty/ be callin me to walk into the job and give em my two weeks/ or not to speak at all just say fuck it and turn my grind on/ but i snap out of it/ everytime i turn my lights on/ this cant be life, not mines at least/ feel like an actor in a movie or im undercover deep/ remove the covers if you sleep, my nigga time is of the essence/ im not gettin any younger in the rhyme so much invested/ man i bled it, sweated bullets, gotten better, made improvements/ not pathetic but the effort made it evident i do this/ gimme credit for the music, suffered debits all inclusive/ and i bet it broke some dudes but it just altered my enthusiasm/ hard to climb or move a mountain, harder if you doubtin/ got a fighting spirit deaths the only thing that take it out him/ we gone make it yall, man we already there/ its our time this time, man we own this year, yeah

BRIDGE (repeat x 2): is the hard work workin? the memorizin verses?/ was energized at first when, i wasnt sold or purchased/ before the shows and cosigns, the videos and downloads/ i wanted props for my rhymes and now i feel like thats old/ rappin is hard work its rehearsing to be perfect/ fightin to break surface and stay above unearthed with/ the radio and soundscans, marketing and promo/ im prayin that we found fans and hopin that we find more

VERSE 2: you can have it if you want it, is you really tryna get it?/ show and prove in xxl, but can i really fit it?/ know the truth is that i excel, especially when i spit/ over loops i make ya neck swell from noddin to the rythm/ don, will he flop, will he make it, will he fall off/ to book a show from the job he gotta call off/ and i even tryna ball all crazy/ just puttin in some work until this notebook pays me, come on....