by Donwill



released June 4, 2011

Words: Donwill
Beats: Suff Daddy



all rights reserved
Track Name: up in this mutha
i aint tryna waste words, money or time
so i body everything and leave nothing behind
yall prolly think its hard but it aint nothing to rhyme
the hardest part is watchin fake niggas bubble and shine
my modesty don't always let me speak my mind
while yall brag without a classic, thinkin its fine
im toe taggin, killin, bodybaggin beats
so get up and out your seat
or get the fuck out

get in where you fit
our you could get the fuck out
Track Name: the paper
the mind is funny
and mine is finally made up
its like a whole new world homie straight up
im tryna get that dough boy, cake up
write rhymes like the over typed, hot shit
burn bread like a toaster might, i'd spend
bucks on bullshit, trick it off trick it off
jordan 3's, coppin these bulls' shit. fuck cost
sleep good and eat better
im tryna have it all twice and etcetera
its mad room for the extra
when its mad rooms, and your life's changed textures
hard to butter soft leather
rough to smooth sailing getways
wit 6 million to die from
i want a buck for each of em
and leave it all to avree and my seeds to come
come on, give me some
Track Name: pimps in canada pt2
i guess brooklyn dont get no sun this summer
but imma get some of those rays
banned from the grey skies
hiding behind shades could leave you blind
maybe all the shading is whats messin with my mind
know my cloud's silver lined
so im doin fine kinda
until i rock a show as a reminder
rewind us back to 0-6
when i aint know shit
and swore i knew it all
you couldn't tell me nothin yall
but now i got a child to tell it all
and every time she smiles that stress just dissolves
problem solved well naw not really cus
im still feelin life out
feelin like im bout to bust
chillin means no money comes
grillin fools for funds earned
still in school just learnin something different
what is this?
its the hard knocks
but not the kind jigga sung
the kind that makes ya trunk hum rattle and shake
i made a lot of decisions but still not a mistake
good or bad learned a lesson at the end of the day
either way i gotta be me
and you gotta be you
Track Name: dpplgngr
my baby momma hate me
daughter dont know me
ex in my business
momma can't console me
label cant sell me
college straight failed me
some niggas tried to kill me
for real tried to kill me
im paranoid, shell shocked, traumatized jittery
hard to breathe, hard to think
calm down? you kiddin me?!
my band just broke up
my block wont calm down
a nigga got shot up
the cops gunned his ass down
my bank account empty, my life check to check
my bills barely get paid im livin with whats left
low drive, uninspired, sick and tired
tryna be better than the people pullin me down and stressin me
be the bigger man i wasn't born that tall
sometimes i used to wish i wasn't even born at all
cus im cramped no space
next month rents late
stressed? nah im straight..
lyin to my niggas face
im cool.. no i aint
im fucked, fuckin aye
im stuck
stuck and can't do much else but wait...
Track Name: n.i.l.m.
the greatest feelin that i've ever known
and its measured through the metronome
a few doses of the dopeness
monitor the monitors for no overdosage
got the world in slow motion
noddin off and on and im lovin every moment
fiend for it, ive lost things for it
but gained the world in exchange for a few stray greys
i worry bout my life too
fed one mouth and now its time to try two
keep the faith? shit i aint got a choice but
to turn the noise up and scribe a new haiku
i used to wonder just what i'd do
but now i know its nothing else to

her eyes kill me
so i live for a new improved little me
long distance, livin through pictures
weekend visits and i pray she don't forget it
lord knows i wanna be around
but the globe tryna shut it down
on the go hard to settle down
i gotta prove myself and i want you to be proud
pictures don't fade but memories do
im tryna gift wrap the world so i can give it to you
passport stamped plane tickets for two
cus a life less charmed aint the vision for you
i know big don watchin on
sometimes i feel like you here because he's gone
unconditional love
i feel heaven in your hug and its more than enough
Track Name: i need a break
Tons of bars to jot in my gmail box
Some is hard to top when myselfs the comp
Add on..
I got due dates and deadlines
So I'm sittin with the pad screwfacin blue lines
Sup with the blank stare?
I know u waitin nigga imma put some words there
"I lay it down like permed hair"
*scribble* sigh..
A good first line is so important to find
It sets the whole tone for the fuckin rest of the rhyme
So if it aint epic save the effort
Or wait for inspiration chill be patient

Alright stupid
just write thru it
Its ill vibe to it
Don't u feel the music!?
Thats the part where the best bar supposed to be
You hear that shit suff daddy just did with the beat?!?
yo i need a break when im tryna take a break cus...
The beat WOULD drop right there
Fuck it ill just come back and try and to write later
focused on the biz you know how that is
u independent gotta do it or it don't get did
Sheeit Wish I could play the studio all day
But not workins hard work til I get what I deserve
That's my word Even though I can't think of none
Imma leave the crib now go and get a drink or somethin
Procrastinate? Nah I need a break
Hard to kill a beat when the fuckin grinds killin me
Even im in disbelief
Yeah the song got the best of me
it really sucks anytime i can't beat the beat
Track Name: introduction
how should I start this
Cryptic quips or attempt at being honest
Squint to glimpse my life proceed with caution
I'm so far gone I wish these was just songs but
Those grey skys gotta silver linin
Just need some jewelry polish, lil bit of shinin
As for the lords timin, can't set a watch to it
but its for a reason hes not stupid
Gimme the prestige and all of the best things
but my goals are pretty simple right now
let's see...
Eat, breathe and try to smile
gimme food clothes and shelter with a dash of style
For every fan another hater is found,
in a lil while they'll love but they don't get it now
Play the song and judge it court of public opinion
but open your mind, Please listen
Judged by twelve... Year olds
cus they affect sales artists do what they say
so discipline ya kids to listen to this
force feed your seeds or we foresee the end