Don Speaks

by Don Speaks



This project was fun to make and hearing the songs feels like a distinct period in time for me. It was a pretty good time as well.

The sound is different than what people expect from me. I can't tell you how many times people have said "heard don speaks, i was shocked' in reference to the production and overall sonics.

let me just say this, it doesn't sound that way on accident and this is probably my favorite solo project of all the other things i've done.

i hope you enjoy it as much as i do


released December 4, 2014




Track Name: Intro
What we talkin bout practice?
How to lose my accent?
The time I spent trying, succeeding or failing at this rap shit?
I'd rather write about something else, word up.
Maybe i shoulda kept that burner
sold a little more crack, never looked back,
stole a couple more cars, broke a couple more laws, nah...
maybe i shoulda stayed back home
with the woodgrain wheels and the pimped out chrome,
let the good game spill nigga "pimp that hoe"
my nigga Todd Shaw wouldn't lead me wrong.
If college was about cash, not about credit
them racks I'm indebted woulda went to something better.
Instead of Sally Mae I woulda paid my nigga,
cop a couple of pounds, break bread witcha.
Drug bust made the evening news,
if you flipped channels woulda seen me too
for the same shit dope MTV2,
its the same flip mine's upside down too.
He fresh outta jail, I'm fresh out of a deal.
It's crazy as hell how this pair of tales parallel.
One day just a choice away from a similar fate,
my decision to make.
Track Name: Ape Shit f/ Dash Speaks

I Hate seein you, binks jar jar
Sucka niggas, think y'all hard
Laughin at the threat, pink sawed off
Dont speak english, dash speaks don
Easy money, brinks car ajar
Run the game til my feet fall off
You visitin wit ya Green card gone
T-boz to Nas "Africa is far"
Tweet tweet let me Lead y'all on
Snapchat rap blink long I'm gone
SnapBack cap black chuck all star
Rap game stressfull, R&R
Stage hop, every city, same sing song
Adidas brand band Three deep dark scars
Tour all summer just Drink, Park cars
Ape shit, wipe wit big King Kong claws

Dash Speaks:

Brooklyn Zoo, Shame on you
Dash Speaks is back like payment on his taxes
Tell the IRS that I spent it on Air Maxes
Tats and fitted hats, Y3's and J 4's
Shit i shouldnt pay for but who I'm gon' save for
High off some old raps that reference player haters
then dip low and switch flows like Major Lazer
Let me call it what I gotta, when i got it
with a bit of paper in my pocket knowin its obnoxious
when i talk about it, but I'm bout it go ahead and doubt it
but the weather here is rather wet and it is getting clouded
make it rain, make it rain no, I'm just playin
I aint for wastin even if i a wasted
even if I am gone, flow thicker than mofongo
and speakin over bongo's claps and 808 kicks
mean like the monkeys in that dumb movie Congo
the cages should lock those
it's Ape Shit..

Nobody move nobody gets hurt
Stayin this cool takes alot of work
I do the fool, go dummy expert
Donmuthafuckin will all one word

Pick It Up bring it down,
stop monkeying around
Track Name: Housing Music f/ Karen Rodriguez
Woke up to a raised rent
But I 'm still in the same crib
Not one improvement
Nigga that's That bullshit
Land lord like fuck yo life
Damn word? Fuck you twice
Imma need another month
I ain't got that much
My freelance gigs just all dried up

Woke up to the sunrise
put on my shoes and went outside
another day on my block
a new spot opened up where i can't afford to shop
a change is comin no doubt yall
people moving in and my people dyin out
yall got two dollars to my one
if it's done then its done but just give me a month

What's up? My rent is
I just got the business
Told my girl to move in
Go half on this lease iiiiihhhh
She ain't really feelin that
She walked out and ain't come back
I'm hiding from my landlord
Cus I can't buy a money order
Light bill. Cable bill. Phone bill. Fuck a bill
Might kill myself tryna keep em on still
Gotta get another month
I ain't got my money up
So I ain't gone be sleepin much
Until this shit start Easin up

Ain't this shit great?
Raise the roof and the rent get raised
That's how the hood improve so the rich can stay
Seen a whole flock strollin down the block
Pointing at the brownstones boarded up
Aye now push em out of the hood
Then complain about the things that made it all good
Foot traffic, bands jammin
It's a trap when you are organic
Fruit stands and coffee shops
Spin classes run the block
Used to be yuppies now it's hipsters
Regardless ain't no room for niggers
Not black ones tho
Its class warfare if you broke you broke
Track Name: RGFN
Gimme that name that fame that money
Gimme that name that fame that money
Gimme all that dough them jewels them honey's
All them hoes by the hundreds I want it.

Tryna get checks might gotta change to do it
Dondub done Blacklemore Tyrone Llewis
Rap game name change I thrift shop too
Donny Brown bitch. I xanny pop too
Will Khalifa just need a few tattoos
Action Donson add a couple pounds or two
Roc MarciDono new style, Flipped Modes
Made CEO outta listen to my demo
Round of applause lemme see that ASCAP
BMI where the fuck my check at?
D-Lo not Skee Low fuck taller
Its French Dontana bitch imma shot caller
Nah Donwill one word no spaces
Rap game Funny names, ain't shit to play wit
Pay up now bein broke ain't an option
Or it's gonna be a fuckin problem

Broke with alot of respect what up OC
Talkin out the side of my neck but y'all gone see
Tryna sign yup sign him a check
Lauryn Will, let a label get me outta this debt
Don Price (D!) just need a beard tho
Rhyme nice... Get money. Wear polo
Check my rep word to Khalid we the best
Graduate not wait Donye Midwest
Two thousand eight XXL freshman
Pretty long way from Questlove and the lesson
5th pick on the list of Dylan's best of
DF Doom, nah better yet I'm
Still Donwill one word no spaces
Rap game Funny name, ain't shit to play wit
Pay up now bein broke ain't an option
Or it's gonna be a fuckin problem
Track Name: My, My, My f/ Scoop
Red dress red dress
Pretty perfume just smells like sex
Turnt up turned on lights out next
Wakin up wondering how to get back
City street stumblin cab won't stop
iPhone dead so you can't hop stop
Hang over hang out brunch spot hey now
Really wanna lay down fuck it just may now
Nap in the park don't sound that strange
Balled up jacket for a pillowcase
Balled out last night credit card at the bar
Check ya pocket it's gone FUCKx3
Really screwed now only noon now
What a way to learn ya way around a brand new town
Had worse days maybe but not lately
Blackout drunk can be a-mazing
Or.., really fuckin terrible
Somebody know the story they ain't tellin you
How I get a black eye?
What about the cab ride?
Ohhhh my my my
Hop a turnstile now in sittin on the train
Last nights shirt full of wrinkles and stains
Locking eyes with a lady that's doin the same
Walk of shame

I take a walk of shame not sure why we play this game
faces change places change I don't even know your name

Red dress red dress
Pretty perfume now smells like sweat
Turned up turned off turns out that
You stuck at the bar cus ya homegirls left
Fuck No new friends tho
All drake everything, yup YOLO
And yo goal wasn't baggin somethin
But gone now though so no judgin
(16 left)
Just tryna forget yo ex
Lookin for a little rebound sex
Hit the bathroom for a make up check
Bump into mr right just lost to breath
*heavy breathing* Breathe and stop!
Quick cab ride later now you on top
Of the world while the stress of ya ex melts away
Til YOU wake up in some strange place

Around here here where even the sunlight has something to hide
Down here where regret slips softly from by our side
But my dear, there's something from last night thats stuck in my mind
Its not clear, but it's too strong to shake off and leave it behind
Track Name: Sixteen Tons f/ NE$$ & Fat Tony
We heavy weights y'all hella late
Best in the game ain't no debate
Used to roll an 8th and take it to the face now cop a cool fifth and it's gone one sip
I'm so for real so for real
Cant even explain how I feel
Sick of bein humble they don't hear you when you mumble so i let my voice rumble said loud n clear
Yall bitch made fuck niggas
Maaan I can't really fuck wit em
If you ain't sneak dissin then you prolly in my kitchen tryna figure out the recipe
Yo man look at these...
Bitch made fuck niggas
Hit dog holler scream if you feel it
Pitt Rottweiler chihuahua in chinchilla
you a Pound pup nigga
Heart pump syrup. Move!

Tryna get ahead what the fuck you in my way fo
Tryna get ahead get the fuck up out my way hoe
Patient don't pay shit I'm pacin and money chasin
Patient don't pay shit I'm pacin and money chasin

Tryna get ahead what the fuck you in my way fo
Tryna get ahead get the fuck up out my way hoe
Impatient fuck waitin
hold up what you was sayin?
Thats the wrong answer, wrong answer
muthafucka better not say no
Track Name: Side Down f/ Spec Boogie & I-El
life is a lesson and we learnin all this shit together
i know you got me and you know i got you through whatever
this aint no friendship its a brotherhood that means forever
this lessondary til im dead and buried my side down

We win we win
Whole side down like a drop top
I thought niggas knew that the god squad beat all odds
at all costs no days off boy
Y'all lost y'all lost
Don't wanna play so the game called off
because of reign not AI, EI.
Ride or die my side down
Roll wit us
Run flat, we don't give up
Y'all tire easy, get worn out
Ain't no weak links strong arm y'all boys
My day 1s ain't done
The Crew keep shit as real as it come
Lessondary in this bitch listen
I can't stress enough that my whole side
Track Name: Sit Down Tragedy
I'm on the edge
Paranoid and upset said
Don't really wanna leave the house
Need to sit the fuck down, figure shit out
No room at the inn, nigga get out
The world did end, time ran out
Stand up comedy, sit down tragedy
Tryna keep the feels out right now, pardon me
My apologies just being human
Pickin up pieces before I start gluin
Gotta shrug it off tho
Keep movin, life on the dancefloor